April 23, 2009

Ghost-hunting teens encounter live robbers

Five Rhode Island men have been charged with giving ghost-hunting teenagers a real scare by robbing them in an abandoned state school.

State police said the suspects were students in the Job Corps at a building on the grounds of the Ladd School, The Providence Journal-Bulletin reported. They were allegedly armed with knives, clubs, BB guns and axes when they held up a total of 12 teenagers over the past three months.

They allegedly stole cell phones, money and credit cards from their victims.

State Police Capt. David Neill said the Ladd School, which opened in 1907 for people with mental disabilities, is closed to the public. But he said ghost hunters manage to get in.

Visitors claim they have heard voices and have been touched or hit by invisible hands. Some have reported cameras malfunctioning for no apparent reason.

The defendants were identified as two brothers, Kou Xiong, 21, and Benjamin Xiong, 19, of Warwick; Sidney Chay, 19, of Providence; Anthony Deloge, 18, of Warwick; and Jonathan Wilson, 25, of Charlestown.

They were ordered held without bail pending a hearing May 6 on charges of armed robbery and conspiracy.