April 23, 2009

ID thief celebrated himself in song

An Oregon identity thief who wrote songs about his exploits was sentenced to 13 years in prison because of his long criminal record and lack of remorse.

Stephen Rowell, 28, who adopted the alias The Mailman, had a folder of songs in his home when police searched it, along with more prosaic evidence like credit card numbers, The Portland Oregonian reported Thursday. One song described his methods.

"Here's a hustle you may recognize from before.

Shhh, be quiet, while I creep to this front door.

Credit card and checks, you never know what mail you'll get.

If you find the right sh--, you'll leave your victim in debt."

At Rowell's sentencing hearing Wednesday, Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney Kevin Demer described him as the top of the pyramid, saying he recruited friends into his crimes.

Demer asked for a 20-year sentence while Rowell's lawyer asked for eight. Judge Jerry Hodson split the difference.