April 24, 2009

School targeted by itching powder joker

Victims of a prank at a New York elementary school say the experience was no laughing matter -- it was itchy.

At least one victim from the apparent prank at Public School 345 in Brooklyn described the itching sensation caused by the mysterious powder left on school seats as uncontrollable, the New York Daily News said Friday.

The itching was terrible, the unidentified victim said after Wednesday's incident. When I sat down, I could feel it through my pants. It was very itchy.

It got intense. When it became uncontrollable, I had to stop what I was doing. ... It stopped me in my tracks.

Somebody could have killed me, an anonymous teacher at the school said. I feel it personally, because I have so many allergies.

The Daily News said the school incident prompted a visit by a Department of Environmental Protection hazardous materials unit. The powder used is still being tested.