April 24, 2009

Economy propels hair dye sales

British analysts and retailers say hair dye sales have spiked due to recession-hit customers attempting to forgo the salon and do their own hairstyling.

Consumer analysts Mintel said the latest projections suggest the home hair dye market will be worth $416 million in 2012, up $41 million from projections made last year.

Bottles of hair dye have been selling well in supermarkets as cash-strapped shoppers try to avoid salons, a Mintel spokesman said. Supermarkets have reported a surge in sales of home hair dye kits, particularly blonde as women look to touch up their roots on the cheap.

Supermarket chain Tesco said hair dye sales have increased 20 percent in recent months and beauty company L'Oreal said sales of its home dye kits have increased 7 percent since last year.