April 25, 2009

Woman gives birth to twins in her car

A hospital official in New York says a woman was forced to give birth to twins in the front seat of her car after being unable to make it into a hospital.

Mt. Sinai Hospital nursing manager Lucille Nassery said workers at the New York hospital helped deliver the woman's newborns Friday after hearing her scream from a car outside the medical facility, the New York Post reported Saturday.

I tell you there's only one kind of a scream that a woman makes like that, when she is about to deliver a baby, Nassery said.

Elisabeth Brew, 39, said after going into labor in her New York suburban home, she was forced to drive to the hospital. While she fell short of her emergency room goal, nearly a dozen hospital staff members came to her car to aid in the unusual delivery.

Brew, who named her newest children Kathryn and Patrick, said Friday's incident came four weeks before the twins were due.

It happened very quickly, the new mother-of-four told The Post. I've had two other children, so I know what labor is like, but this is different from what I experienced.