April 26, 2009

Artist downplays Rihanna tattoo error

Pop star Rihanna likely does not care that a Sanskrit tattoo on her right hip is misspelled, the New York artist responsible for the body art says.

Tattoo artist Bang Bang said he inked the Good Girl Gone Bad star's tattoo based on a necklace pattern and doubts the spelling error would be of major consequence, the New York Post said Sunday.

It's copied off of a necklace that she got from somebody important to her, he said, so I doubt she'd care (if it was spelled correctly).

Richard Gunde, assistant director at the Center for Chinese Studies at the University of California-Los Angeles, said tattoo errors can be found on other celebrities as well.

Gunde said singer Justin Timberlake has a Chinese character tattoo that means song while also representing the words bent and wrong.

Singer Britney Spears meanwhile has Chinese characters inside a flower tattoo that she intended to mean mysterious, when they actual represent strange, Gunde told the Post.