April 28, 2009

Carla Bruni pix stolen in ‘banal burglary’

Paris police say they do not believe the thieves who stole a laptop and digital camera knew they were loaded with pictures of Carla Bruni with a former lover.

Bruni, now the wife of President Nicolas Sarkozy, lived for several years with Raphael Enthoven, a photographer, and bore him a son, Aurelien. The computer and camera loaded with photos of Enthoven, Bruni and Aurelien, were taken during a burglary at the apartment of Enthoven's brother, The Daily Telegraph reported.

It was a banal burglary, a police spokesman said. Everything that was digital was stolen as is often the case.

If the thieves did not know what they had after got into Julien Enthoven's apartment through a window, they probably do now, given the publicity. Raphael Enthoven had reportedly entrusted the items to his brother for safekeeping.

Bruni has been trying for a quieter image, wearing low-heeled shoes and modest dresses since a nude photo from her days as a model appeared just before a state visit to Britain last year. Before she became the third Mrs. Sarkozy, she had affairs with Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton and Donald Trump, in addition to the relationship with Enthoven.