April 29, 2009

Florida man arrested protesting sand

Police arrested a 70-year-old man in Siesta Key, Fla., for protesting the use of brown replacement sand on a beach of white sand, his wife says.

Anne Overbeck said her husband, Jim, was arrested when he threw his body on top of a pile of the brown sand to stop a bulldozer from blending the off-color sand into Siesta Beach's white quartz sand, the Sarasota (Fla.) Herald-Tribune said Wednesday.

He said he wanted to make a point, Overbeck said after her husband's arrest Tuesday.

Two dump truck loads of the brown sand were taken to the Siesta Key beach to fill in a hole created when workers removed a buried seawall at the beach, which is known for its white sand that remains cool under sunlight.

Siesta Key resident Bill Caflisch, who also opposed the use of the brown sand, told the Herald-Tribune the sand addition clashed with the beloved beach's traditional sand.

That is definitely not the same white sand that makes Siesta famous, he said.