April 29, 2009

Ducks march through British store

A British store said a mother duck built her nest in its back yard and led her ducklings on a march through the shop, across a street and into a river.

Workers at the Kidney Research U.K. charity store in St. Ives, England, said the mother duck has been building her nest atop a wall in the store's back yard since it opened seven years ago, The Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday.

Shop manager Carol Andrews said she had a ramp installed to allow the mother and her ducklings to climb from the yard to the storeroom. Employees said the duck then led her brood on a march through the store, attracting a group of onlookers, and brought traffic on a busy street outside to a standstill while they crossed to the River Great Ouse quayside.

They are on their own now, I can't do any more for them, but I will go down to the river every day to make sure they are all right, Andrews said.