April 29, 2009

Red carpet stolen from film festival

Organizers of a small film festival in Salem, Ore., said someone swiped a $300 rented red carpet from outside of the theater on opening night.

Loretta Miles, 58, owner of Salem Cinema and organizer of the Salem Film Festival, said someone stole the 25-foot-long red carpet from outside the theater on opening night of the festival April 17 while about 200 people were inside, The (Portland) Oregonian reported Wednesday.

The theater owner said she does not know what would possess someone to steal the carpet.

If you can answer why someone would do this, you could probably solve a lot of the mysteries of the universe, Miles said.

Miles said she reported the theft to police but so far there have been no developments in the investigation. She said an effort during the weekend to raise money to replace the carpet resulted in audiences donating more than $600 in just two days, enough to replace the carpet and add another film to the festival's lineup next year.