April 29, 2009

Poll: Britons keep friends ‘out of habit’

A British survey found nearly half of respondents said they keep most of their friends around out of habit rather than due to the value of the friendship.

The online survey of 3,000 Britons, conducted by OnePoll.com, suggests the average Briton has 16 friends, but 48 percent of respondents said most of their friends are kept around out of habit, the Daily Mail reported Wednesday.

The survey found respondents had lost touch with an average 36 friends over the years, with four in 10 explaining they had just drifted apart. OnePoll.com said respondents had an average three friendships that lasted the test of time.

Long working hours and hectic lifestyles means Brits feel tired and a real effort needs to be taken to keep in touch with each other, a OnePoll.com spokesman said.

Some 41 percent of respondents said they would attempt to make contact with an old friend if they spotted their profile on a Web site.