May 1, 2009

Spa owner: Employee ran after-hours clinic

The owner of a medical spa in Nevada has sued a former employee and her husband, claiming they performed discount cosmetic surgery on the premises.

In her complaint, Tracy Hurst, owner of the Spa at Summerlin, said that to add insult to injury the couple diverted her clientele to the business they ran late at night and on Sundays, The Las Vegas Sun reported Friday.

Hurst charges that Nancy Vinnik, a nurse, and her husband, Dr. Charles Vinnik, performed procedures like Botox injections and laser skin treatments. The Vinniks allegedly allowed other surgeons to use the spa to insert breast implants and other cosmetic surgery.

A nurse told The Sun that at times the operation was bringing in $30,000 a night.

Michael Stein, a lawyer representing the Vinniks, said the couple would never risk their medical licenses for chicken feed. He also said they would have been taking a stupid risk.

So the owner decides to go back to her office to get something and you're sitting there working on patients? It's ridiculous! he said.