May 4, 2009

Man ticketed for drunken riding

Police in Colorado said a cowboy who was having trouble staying on his horse was ticketed for riding an animal while under the influence of alcohol.

Brian Drone of Arvada was cited for the Class B traffic violation, which carries a $25 fine, after the rider and his horse were pulled over in a strip mall parking lot, KUSA-TV, Denver, reported Monday.

Arvada Police Sgt. Jeff Monzingo said it was his first case of drunken riding in 15 years on the job.

This is kind of a tricky call, Monzingo said. Unlike in a DUI where you can tow a car, we had to do something with the horse.

Monzingo said a local stable owner who knows Drone offered to take the rider and his horse home.

Drone said he and his horse, Cricket, were out for a joyride when they were pulled over.