May 5, 2009

Woman needs proof of age to buy spoons

A British shopper says she was asked to show proof she was older than 18 when she bought teaspoons and other picnic equipment at a supermarket.

The receipt for her purchase was posted on, a Web site devoted to undermining what founder Ken Frost calls the all-pervasive nanny state, The Daily Telegraph reported Tuesday. The shopper said a clerk at the Asda branch in Halifax in Yorkshire told her at least one killing had been committed with a teaspoon.

The government recently banned knife purchases by teenagers after a spate of killings. But a lot of people on nannyknowsbest think teaspoons are going too far.

If the government (is) going to try to take away my constitutional rights this way, I'm going to carry the biggest caliber teaspoon I can find, one person posted on the Web site. I will give up my teaspoon when they (pry) it from my cold, dead body.

Peter McCarthy, manager of the Halifax Asda, said clerks are prompted by electronic cash registers to ask for proof of age, and a bar code error is the most likely explanation.