May 6, 2009

Store robbery uncovers alleged knockoffs

A robbery at a Memphis store led to the discovery of counterfeit knockoffs of brand-name items, police said.

Shelby County sheriff's office spokesman Steve Shular said deputies investigating a break-in at the Penny Pantry found a pink hat with the trademark Nike swoosh and two pairs of earrings labeled Chanel and Ecko, the Memphis Commercial Appeal said Wednesday.

The items were allegedly verified by experts as counterfeit versions of trademarked products, police said.

Store owner Omar Domah was arrested and faces a charge of criminal simulation.

The newspaper said a 19-year-old man was in custody in the case.

You never know what a day can bring, Shular told the Commercial Appeal. One minute you may find yourself the victim of a crime, the next minute you may find yourself being charged with one.