May 6, 2009

Indiana AG sues telemarketers

The attorney general of Indiana said telemarketing calls to his cell phone inspired his lawsuit against companies allegedly violating do not call laws.

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller said he is filing a lawsuit against Fortress Secured of Nevada, SVM of California and California businessman Mike Moneymaker for allegedly using auto-dialers and prerecorded messages to contact numbers protected from telemarketing by the state's do not call list, the Indianapolis Star reported Wednesday.

Zoeller said his office has received 160 complaints about do not call violations and he has received two telemarketing calls on his own cell phone in the past couple weeks.

By the time you start calling on the state's attorney general, Zoeller said, you've blasted out one too many.

The attorney general of North Dakota ordered Moneymaker and Fortress Secured to end business in the state in February after an investigation found do not call violations in addition to consumer fraud and false advertising.