Contest helps mark rare Odd Day

May 7, 2009

U.S. organizers of an Odd Day contest Thursday said winners could earn $579 by orchestrating events commemorating the day.

The operators of Oddday.net said individuals who organized or create the Oddest Parade of Odd Characters or the best Odd Celebrations could win the financial equivalent of Thursday’s odd-numbered date of 5/7/2009.

The date of three consecutive odd numbers is a rarity on calendars, occurring only six times during a century.

For people not able to orchestrate parades or celebrations, Oddday.net also accepted entries consisting of the best Odd Ode to the unusual.

Individuals not interested in the Web site’s prizes can recognize the day in their own way and Oddday.net offered a number of suggestions.

It’s a great day to do your odds ‘n ends, give a friend a high-five, root for the odds-on-favorite, read the Wizard of Odds, watch the ‘Odd Couple,’ say aaaahd in the doctor’s office, look for sea odders, find that missing odd sock and beat the odds, the Web site suggests.

Source: upi

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