May 8, 2009

Midwife, 90, delivers great-granddaughter

A 90-year-old former British midwife with two artificial hips said she put her old skills to the test recently by delivering her own great-granddaughter.

Margaret Jones of Malmesbury thought her days of being a midwife were over when her granddaughter Kathy Shah, 32, went into labor next door and called for help, The Daily Telegraph of London reported Friday.

Jones said initially she thought she was called for moral support but then it got to the point where she realized her old skills were needed.

I thought to myself 'Maggie, it's time to wash your hands and don your overalls,' Jones said. I was a bit worried because Kathy was on the floor and not on a bed.

Jones said if there had been complications delivering a baby on the floor would have been a problem but everything went smoothly and 7 -pound, 7-ounce Carys was brought into the world.

Carys was the first baby Jones delivered since the 1950s.