May 8, 2009

Russian police 90-year-old’s war medals

Russian police have recovered nine medals that were stolen from a 90-year-old World War II veteran, a police source said.

The source said police in the Shusha district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory explained that the veteran was returning home from a celebration held ahead of V-E Day when he was confronted by an ex-convict, Itar-Tass reported Friday.

The former convict noticed the medals on the jacket of the old man and decided to steal and sell them. The suspected robber traced down the veteran, got into the flat after the veteran, hit the old man, tore off a wristwatch ... and unpinned the medals from the jacket, taking advantage of the old age of the veteran, who could not put up resistance to the robber, the source said.

Police arrested a suspect after he was caught attempting to pawn the stolen medals, the source said.

To solve the crime committed against a veteran of the Great Patriotic War became an affair of honor for policemen, the source said.