May 9, 2009

School opens cafeteria up to the public

A school lunch cafeteria in England that was on the brink of closure has opened up to the public to help make ends meet, officials said.

The dining hall of Wittersham Primary School in the village of Wittersham was struggling amid rising costs and declining sales, The Times of London reported Saturday.

The number of children taking dinners was falling and with the credit crunch and rising food prices we were about to start buying pre-prepared stuff, said teacher Judith Thornton. Instead, we decided to open our dinner hall to the public.

The school charges about $4 for a three-course meal, the newspaper reported.

Since opening its doors, the school cafeteria has become something akin to a restaurant.

I like having the grown-ups here. It's nice to meet new people and be polite, said 5-year-old Daisy Taylor, a student at the school.

For diners Susan and Michael Mash, 58 and 63, being in the dining hall brought back memories of school lunches.