May 9, 2009

Man sues over Kenyan sex boycott

A Kenyan man has sued a women's activist group, claiming a sex boycott it organized affected his marriage and caused him stress.

James Kimondo is demanding damages from G-10, his lawyers told the Kenyan Broadcasting Corp. G-10, a coalition of women's groups, called for a one-week ban on sexual relations as a protest against the political infighting between President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raile Odinga.

Ann Njogu, the executive director of the Center for Rights Education and Awareness, said the boycott convinced leaders to begin talks to avert a return to the violence that hit the country after the last election. Kibaki and Odinga eventually formed a coalition government.

I have not been served with the papers, but I was told they are coming and I am eagerly waiting, she told CNN. It will be interesting to see the face of a man who is not willing to abstain for the sake of his country.

Kimondo in his lawsuit says the boycott caused symptoms that included headaches and insomnia.