May 10, 2009

Chinese too shy to say ‘I love you’

Many Chinese people remain too shy to express love for their parents, a survey indicates.

China Daily reported Sunday that more than 74 percent of respondents said they knew their mothers' birthday, but just over 25 percent would like to actually tell her I love you.

This figure suggests mothers occupy an important place in most participants' mind. Yet, many people still find it 'embarrassing' to express their affection, the survey's organizer said.

The poll of about 6,000 people was conducted by Beijing-based recruitment Web site

I do love my mother deeply but I have never said 'I love you' that often. It just feels quite weird for me to say it to her in person, said Stella Wang, a 27-year-old office worker.

Hu Shoujun, a sociology professor from Shanghai's Fudan University said Chinese people are generally reserved.

For Chinese, it's unnecessary and even regarded as 'weird' to display their affection for relatives and friends, Hu said.