May 10, 2009

12-year-old files for Iranian presidency

A 12-year-old boy running for Iranian president says his platform would include stopping the killing of Gaza's children by Israel.

Local media reports said the boy, Koresh Mouzuni of Tehran, arrived at election headquarters with his father and dutifully answered questions about Israel and the Iranian nuclear program, the Israeli Web site reported.

Koresh seems to have been influenced by the current president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, when it comes his views on Israel. When asked about the Jewish state, he reportedly replied, I will buy Hawaii, (U.S. President Barack) Obama's birthplace, from the United States and lease it to Israelis who will go live there -- so that they don't kill the children in Gaza.

The boy is one of 250 Iranian presidential candidates who have taken the time to fill out the proper paperwork, Ynetnews said. In his written platform, Koresh said, If my candidacy is approved I will appoint Ahmadinejad as my first deputy and promised not to appoint his father as a minister in his future government.