May 12, 2009

24 stuck in elevator at senior prom

Authorities in California said at least 24 students crammed themselves into an elevator at their senior prom and were trapped for two hours.

Witnesses at the Mira Loma High prom at The Sacramento Grand Ballroom in the state capital said the students were trying to see how many people could fit in a single elevator and the car broke down when they tried to change floors while over the weight limit, KVOR-TV, Sacramento, reported Tuesday.

It just kind of stopped, dropped a little bit, and then stopped, said Austin Chamberlain, one of the students on the elevator. It sucked.

The Sacramento Fire Department said the students were trapped in the elevator for about two hours before they were rescued.

School administrators said they talked to the students on the phone to keep them calm while awaiting rescue.

One of the girls had claustrophobia and was getting a little anxious, dance chaperon Jill Young said.

No injuries were reported.