May 13, 2009

Leash law has some dog owners barking mad

Some dog owners in Baltimore say the Maryland city's increased fines for a violation of a leash law are completely unfair.

Baltimore resident and dog owner Jackie McGee said during a recent City Hall meeting she considered moving out of Baltimore after learning the hard way the city increased the fine for dogs caught outside without a leash from $100 to $1,000, The Baltimore Sun said Wednesday.

I really wanted to pack my bags and move, she said at a City Council hearing Tuesday. One of the simple pleasures of city living is going to a common area and playing with my dogs.

Nearly 50 people attended the hearing, many of which came to complain about the increased fines.

What you've done is said to the people, 'If you have a dog don't live in Baltimore,' Baltimore resident Bill Roberts, who was one of those fine opponents, said.

The Sun said council members in response voted to create a staggered fine system for unleashed dogs as well as create certain hours that dog owners will be allowed to have their canines unleashed in certain parks.