May 13, 2009

Ants seeking dry spots invade houses

Residents of northwestern Arkansas say they are being plagued by ants looking for somewhere to get out of the rain.

I'm getting disgusted with them, Vi McCullen of Rogers told KHBS/KHOG-TV, Fayetteville, Ft. Smith.

Spray them and everything but they always come back.

Cory Ward of West Termite and Pest Management said that ants come into houses looking for food. But he told the television station that the problem is far worse this year because of recent heavy rain.

The ground is so saturated, they have nowhere to go but up and they have to go unfortunately into customer's homes, Ward said.

Ward said that putting food away, sealing up cracks and extermination can help keep ants at bay. But he said that this year the ants are so desperate to keep dry that nothing may keep them out completely.