May 13, 2009

Duck lovers lobby to save condemned fowl

City officials in Ocala, Fla., said several people have offered to adopt park-dwelling nuisance ducks that authorities decided to have euthanized.

Officials said the decision to kill 200 ducks at Tuskawilla Parks was made after the animals were declared a nuisance for creating an average 75 pounds of waste each day, WKMG-TV, Orlando, Fla., reported Wednesday.

However, the officials said a number of groups and individuals have come forward and offered to adopt some of the ducks. A 30-day deadline was set to decide whether to allow the adoptions.

Resident Keith Belisle said he is trying to design a system for the proposed adoptions.

I do believe in doing a proper way of relocating these guys and the best would be, I think, to adopt them out, but not in mass amounts where you are going to create a situation where you have ducks in one area creating a lot of mess, Belisle said.