May 14, 2009

Seahorse has miracle escape

A British woman who lives 3 miles inland saved the life of a seahorse she found on her front lawn, apparently dropped there by a gull.

The seahorse, now named Pegasus, is recovering in a quarantine tank at the Sea Life Center near Karen Warr's house in Weymouth, the Daily Mail reports.

Warr said she was on her way to buy a newpaper when she spotted a funny object, which turned out on closer inspection to be a seahorse, lying next to the front walk. She said the seahorse could not have been in her yard long since her cat was out and would have certainly eaten it.

I did wonder what on earth it was doing there, but I could see it was still breathing so I dashed inside and the only thing I could think of to pick it up with was a fish slice, she said.

Warr put the seahorse in a bowl of tepid water and called the Sea Life Center.

Claire Little of the Sea Life Center said seahorses are quite hardy. But she said Pegasus was also lucky to survive a 3-mile trip in a gull's beak and a long fall, not to mention the cat.