May 14, 2009

Second ‘Montauk Monster’ reported

A New York state man who operates a blog about the Montauk Monster said a second mysterious carcass has washed up on a beach in the state.

Nicky Papers, 24, proprietor of the blog, posted pictures and a video on the Internet of a mysterious four-legged carcass that appears to have a beak and bears a strong resemblance to the unidentified Montauk Monster that was found last summer on a beach near Montauk, N.Y., Newsday said Thursday.

Papers said the latest carcass was discovered by a couple at the Founders Landing Park shore in Southold, N.Y., on May 6. He said the couple contacted him to view and photograph the find.

It smelled horrible, Papers said. It's like nothing I've ever seen before. I don't think the pictures do it justice.

He said the couple took the carcass to an undisclosed location in Southold.