May 15, 2009

Man learns convertible, cash don’t mix

A 23-year-old man test-driving a convertible in Germany had an envelope containing more than $31,000 in cash blow away, police say.

Police said after the envelope blew off the back seat of the vehicle, the $31,135 in cash it contained spilled along the motorway the man was traveling on, the BBC reported Friday.

While police cordoned off the road for half an hour to aid in the search for the escaping funds, nearly $4,100 was never recovered.

The man had the cash with him to pay for the Audi convertible he was test-driving and now he faces the possibility of being charged for the cost of the police search, the BBC said.

The Independent of London said authorities have warned members of the public to avoid conducting their own searches along the motorway near the city of Hanover. Police warned individuals keeping any of the missing funds could be committing a crime.