May 15, 2009

Nun running marathon in black habit

Sister Mary Elizabeth Lloyd said she will look like the late singer Johnny Cash when she dons a black habit for a 100-mile marathon in Florida.

Comparing herself to the Man in Black singer, the 60-year-old nun said she is taking part in the second annual KEYS100 race through the Florida Keys in order to help orphaned children, The Miami Herald said Friday.

''I'm like Johnny Cash,'' Lloyd said. 'I wear black to draw attention. And when people ask me: 'Why in God's name are you doing this?' I can say, 'For the orphaned children.'''

Nearly 64 other people besides Lloyd are expected to run the entire length of Saturday's race, which has a time limit of 32 hours. An additional 275 participants will tackle the KEYS100 in relay teams or will limit themselves to a related 50-mile event.

Lloyd's mission helps children whose parents died of AIDS and this weekend's event will mark her most recent attempt to aid those orphans.

Lloyd appeared confident she would finish Saturday's marathon in good time despite wearing her calf-length habit.

I pray we can do this. I don't know, Lloyd told the Herald. "It's in God's hands.''