May 16, 2009

Man lets son pick prostitute: She’s a cop

A 14-year-old boy whose father took him out to find a prostitute for his first sexual encounter chose an undercover British police officer, prosecutors say.

The man, a Polish immigrant living in Nottingham, England, decided to initiate his son into manhood by allowing him the pick of the prostitutes walking a street in the local red light district, but the woman who caught the teen's fancy was a cop, who arrested the 42-year-old father, The Daily Telegraph reported Saturday.

The man, who wasn't identified to spare his son, was given a 10-month suspended sentence in Nottingham Crown Court after admitting trying to buy sex for a minor, the newspaper said.

Judge Jonathan Teare told the man he would not send him to prison because of his excellent character, saying he didn't believe he meant any harm to the 14-year-old.