May 16, 2009

BNP using non-British actors?

The anti-immigrant British National Party has been distributing leaflets and posters with non-British actors described as party supporters, a photographer says.

One leaflet shows an elderly couple who say that Britons are being pushed to the back of the queue by asylum-seekers. Luca DiFilipo, an Italian photographer, told The Daily Telegraph that the couple are his parents, that they do not share BNP views and the photo was purchased from an online agency.

The Telegraph said that the other images on the leaflet were also bought online.

A poster displayed on the BNP truth truck shows three construction workers. The text suggests they are urging voters to support the BNP.

The Mirror reports that the trio are professional models who posed for the shot in the United States. The BNP bought the picture from an agency in Portland, Ore., the report said.

A photo of a doctor complaining that immigration is undermining the National Health Service is also from the United States, the Mirror said, and also purchased from an agency.