May 16, 2009

President watches daughters play soccer

President Barack Obama took some time off from governing the United States to watch his daughters play soccer Saturday.

Unlike other Washington soccer dads, Obama traveled to the games in a motorcade with an escort of Secret Service agents and pool reporters.

Obama, wearing a Chicago White Sox jacket and accompanied by two friends from the Windy City, went first to the Boys and Girls Club in Georgetown where his younger daughter, Sasha, 7, was playing. Obama chanted Go, go, go, goal, as Sasha set up her team to score.

We're going to be on TV, one boy said in response to Obama's presence.

The president moved on to the Palisades Recreation Center where his older daughter, Malia, 10, was playing.

Michelle Obama was in California speaking at a college graduation.

In the afternoon, Obama played golf at a military base in Virginia, getting in 11 holes before rain interrupted him. The president's handicap and golf score have not been given to the news media.