May 18, 2009

‘Spider Cat’ scales two-story wall

A Scottish woman said her cat has become a local sensation for his ability to scale the two-story wall of her home when he becomes locked outside.

Hannah Smith of Denny, Scotland, said her 7-year-old feline, Charlie, has been nicknamed Spider Cat by neighbors for his ability to use nothing but his claws and muscle to scale two stories of wall and reach the balcony of his owner's home, the Daily Mail reported Monday.

Charlie meows at the front door to be let out. So we let him out, but no sooner is he let out than he wants back in, Smith said. But if no one hears him at the front door, he then wanders round to the back of the buildings to find the balcony. He then climbs up the balcony. So Charlie really goes out the front door and in the back door.

Smith said she chose Charlie as a kitten because he looked mischievous.

He's certainly lived up to his reputation, she said.

I think it is totally incredible how Charlie is able to climb up a rough-cast wall, Smith said. I've seen cats climb trees but I've never seen a cat climb a wall. It's amazing.