May 20, 2009

Doctor uses drill to save boy’s life

A doctor at a rural hospital in Australia used a drill from the maintenance room to bore into a boy's head, relieving pressure on his brain after an injury.

Nicholas Rossi's parents credit Dr. Rob Carson's action with saving their son's life, the Melbourne Herald Sun reported. Nicholas celebrated his 13th birthday this week after his close escape last Friday.

He's actually done the actual procedure where a lot of doctors might have thought, 'Oh well, too hard for me'. He's done the procedure and saved our son,'' Michael Rossi told the newspaper. He said, 'Look, we've only got one shot at this. If we drill we relieve pressure on the brain and he will reach Melbourne with a much better chance than if we don't'. We just said, 'Yep, go ahead.'''

Nicholas, who lives in Maryborough, 100 miles northwest of Melbourne, hurt his head when he fell off his bike.

Carson had him under observation but decided something was seriously wrong when Nicholas began having spasms and passing out. While he got his equipment from the hospital maintenance room, he had some help from Dr. David Wallace, a neurosurgeon who advised him over the telephone.