May 20, 2009

‘Bored’ man walked out of jury duty

An Oregon man arrested for walking out of jury duty told police he left the courthouse because he was extremely bored, a police report said.

Washington County Circuit Judge Gayle Nachtigal issued a warrant for the arrest of Grant Faber, 25, of Hillsboro, after he failed to return to jury duty after a lunch break, The (Portland) Oregonian reported Wednesday.

The police report said officers confronted Faber near his home May 7 and he told them he skipped out on jury duty because he was extremely bored and just couldn't take it anymore.

Faber, who was arrested on a contempt of court charge, is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday.

Nachtigal refused to comment on the case, but she stressed the importance of jury duty to fair trials.

It think it is one of the most important civil responsibilities that citizens ... have, Nachtigal said.