May 20, 2009

Candy makers unveil newest wares

Cutting-edge confections at the All Candy Expo in Chicago include a line of slogan-bearing Sweethearts candies based on book and movie franchise Twilight.

The Forbidden Fruits line of Sweethearts, manufactured by Necco, bear vampire-themed slogans, including one heart reading: Bite Me, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Wednesday. The Twilight candies were developed in collaboration with Stephanie Meyer, author of the book series.

Other newly developed candies on display at the expo, which began Tuesday at Chicago's McCormick Place, include coconut-flavored M&Ms, Crazy Core Skittles with different flavors for the shells and centers, Cranberry Raisinetts and chocolate mousse-flavored marshmallow Peeps shaped like reindeer.

The National Confectioners Association, which produces the expo, told the Chicago Tribune that candy sales were up 3.7 percent last year, a trend JP Morgan equity researcher Jason English attributed to higher prices amidst the economic recession.