May 21, 2009

Guest’s pants lead to groom’s arrest

Police in Louisiana said a groom was arrested after his nephew refused to abide by the dress code of the reception hall by pulling up his saggy pants.

Kenner police said the officer on detail at the Crystal Plantation during the Friday wedding reception asked Samuel Lucas, 19, to comply with the dress code -- both bride and groom had to sign a contract promising to observe the dress code before using the facility -- and pull his pants up higher, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reported Thursday.

Lucas disputed the officer's assertion that his underwear was showing.

I have beaucoup witnesses. All my cousins and everything said my pants were not sagging, he said.

Lucas' father, Walter Lucas, 52, began arguing with the officer and resisted when the officer attempted to escort him out of the reception hall. Groom John Lucas, 53, allegedly grabbed the officer's arms and tried to prevent him from retrieving handcuffs from his car.

The police report said Samuel Lucas shouted and cursed at the officer during the confrontation.

All three men were arrested on charges of disturbing the peace, while Walter Lucas was also charged with resisting an officer and the groom was charged with obstruction of police.

Police said the Lucas men were released on bail a few hours after the arrests.