May 22, 2009

Researchers go looking for Bigfoot

Around 30 researchers say they plan to brave the southeastern Oklahoma woods around Honobia this weekend looking for that infamous recluse Bigfoot.

Folks around here believe there is a whole Bigfoot family up there, The Tulsa World says, with lots of sightings and tales galore.

Believers say the Kiamichi Mountains provide the apelike creature a habitat that's rich with deer, berries, honeysuckle and plenty of woodsy cover.

You could hide an army in there and never know it, says D.W. Lee of Stilwell, the global director of the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center.

The Bigfoot researchers will be equipped with night vision goggles and scopes, along with an array of audio and video equipment. They will record hours of footage from the trail for viewing after their trip.

Tales include about how the Bigfoot clan likes to throw rocks at you around the campfire -- not to hit you but to see how you react.

Bigfoot's good at mimicking animals. Take those owl hoots, for instance. But, you know, the natives say, it would have to be an 800-pound owl to make that kind of hoot.

Mountain-area natives and Sasquatch-track followers are familiar with the creature's distinctive screams and whoops, the report said.