May 22, 2009

‘Humiliating’ preschool teacher fired

Education officials in Wales said they fired a nursery school teacher who was accused of forcing children who wet themselves to remain in their soiled clothes.

The administrators in Swansea, South Wales, said Elizabeth Davies, 48, was fired from the Hafod Primary School after 20 years of experience teaching children from the ages of 3 to 6, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday.

The firing came after parents accused Davies of forcing children who accidentally wet themselves to remain in their dirty clothes and stand on newspapers until their parents arrived to bring them home. She was also accused of spraying children she found to be smelly with air freshener and allegedly forced some children to wash their hands in pure disinfectant.

She was an experienced teacher but the way she treated some children was disgraceful, one mother said. It was humiliating for little children and it caused a lot of tears. A lot of children have accidents at one time or another -- they should be comforted rather than punished.

Davies was initially suspended with pay while education authorities investigated the case. She was dismissed after a disciplinary hearing and her appeal of the ruling was dismissed.