May 22, 2009

Drive-in theaters a relaxing alternative

Some Florida residents say they choose to take in a drive-in movie theater experience because of the openness.

Miami resident Jerry Durden said drive-in theaters, where the numbers have increased amid the struggling U.S. economy, offer a nice alternative to normal film theaters for parents, The Miami Herald reported Friday.

It's easier to bring kids to the drive-in, said Durden, who has a 5-year-old son and his 1-year-old daughter. Instead of them screaming in the movie theater.

Allie Huffman, 21, said sitting in one's car instead of cramped movie theater seats also aids those not tall enough to see over certain film-goers' heads.

You don't have to worry about somebody being too tall and sitting in front of you, she told the Herald.

Don Sanders, who helped produce the documentary Drive-In Movie Memories, said the resurging entertainment activity offers a community feeling to those in attendance.

''You get a sense of community that people long for,'' he told the Herald.