May 26, 2009

City official wants to drop ’13’ ban

A local official in New Zealand says it's time for Palmerston North to join other cities by allowing the number 13 for street addresses.

It seems absurd to me in 2009 that we still should be deciding street numbering policy or anything else on superstition, Palmerston North City Councilor Chris Teo-Sherrell told the Dominion Post. It's one of those things that keeps getting turned over because nobody says `hey, that's stupid.'

Teo-Sherrell noted that Wellington, Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch all allow the use of the number 13 in street addresses.

City policy analyst Todd Taiepa says Palmerston North's avoidance of the number 13 for house addresses has been in place for many years because its unlucky connotations could put off potential home buyers, but added that residents can always apply to the council to have their number changed.

We will definitely consider allocating No 13 if anyone wants it, but we don't expect great numbers to do that, Taiepa told the Post.