May 28, 2009

Police: Man called 911 over McD’s order

Authorities in Washington County, Ore., said a man arrested for misuse of 911 allegedly called the emergency number to report his fast food order was incorrect.

Police said Raibin Raof Osman, 20, called 911 Monday night to report that a McDonald's in Aloha had failed to give him a box of orange juice with his drive-through order, The (Portland) Oregonian reported Thursday.

Osman told the dispatcher that a McDonald's employee had been laughing at his brother's poor English.

That's why I called, he said. She (the drive-through window worker) was being rude.

Sgt. David Thompson, spokesman for the Washington County Sheriff's Office, said Osman was not receptive to deputies who arrived and told him he had used the emergency number improperly.

The deputy basically said, 'You can't use 9-1-1 for that reason,' Thompson said. It's not an emergency. (Osman) said he didn't know how to get the non-emergency number. The guy had a Blackberry. He could have dialed 411 or got it off the Internet. There are payphones all over the parking lot, with phone books hanging from them. He could have come up with the non-emergency number just like everyone else does.

Thompson said Osman was arrested after trying to argue with the deputy.

He said it was a 'freedom of speech' issue, Thompson said. He was not open to having the deputy educate him.

Osman was booked into the Washington County Jail and was released on bail Tuesday.