May 29, 2009

Mom, son reunite after 27 years

A British woman said she has reunited with her son 27 years after he was kidnapped to Hungary by his father thanks to the social networking site Facebook.

Avril Grube, 62, from Poole, England, said her husband took their son, Gavin Paros, on a weekend visit to Hungary in 1982 as their marriage was failing and never brought the boy home, The Daily Telegraph (Britain) reported Friday.

Grube said she contacted the authorities and wrote to then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, but it was 27 years before Grube's sister, Beryl Wilson, 59, found Paros' profile on Facebook, complete with a message bearing his mother's name. Paros had been using the social networking site to try to find his family following his father's death in 2006.

Grube said Paros came to visit her at her home, but there was one hurdle to their reunion -- Paros does not speak any English, so for now, all conversations involve a translator.

It was the happiest day of her life when she met her son. She said there were no words to describe it, Wilson said of her sister. Gavin has got a family and three children and they are desperate to come to England and live but he needs help to find a house and job.