May 29, 2009

County limits fortune teller locations

Authorities in Will County, Ill., passed a zoning ordinance limiting fortune telling businesses to commercial districts.

The Will County Board approved the ordinance, which covers businesses previously omitted from zoning laws, including astrology, augury, card or tea reading, cartomancy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, crystal gazing, divination, magic mediumship, necromancy, palmistry, psychometry, phrenology, prophecy, spiritual reading, chakra reading, or any similar means, the Chicago Tribune reported Friday.

County officials said the businesses all fall under the umbrella of foretelling the future in exchange for financial or other valuable consideration.

David Dubois, Will County Land Use Department supervisor, said the new ordinance was sparked by several people who asked county officials about opening businesses that would be covered under the new ordinance.

The rules change does not affect existing businesses, officials said.