June 1, 2009

Man begins monthlong plane ride

A New York man who lived in an IKEA store for a week says he is targeting his irrational fear of flying by remaining on an airplane for a full month.

Mark Malkoff, who made headlines last year for living in one of the Swedish home products giant's stores for a week, said he struck a deal with budget airline Airtran to allow him to spend a month taking as many as 12 flights per day, the New York Post reported Monday.

Malkoff said he plans to spend as much time as possible on the plane during the monthlong odyssey, which began Monday with a flight from New York to Atlanta.

The only time I might get off is if I have to switch planes. Maybe I'll go on the tarmac, he said.

Malkoff, a comedian, writer and filmmaker, said his deal with Airtran allows him to document the experience via video, Twitter and his blog, markonairtran.com.

He said his goal is to overcome an irrational fear of flying.

I flew with my wife recently -- I gripped my wife's hand so hard it was blue, he told the Post.

Malkoff refused to say whether he was receiving any money from Airtran.