June 1, 2009

Electric cars park free in Cincinnati

Officials in Cincinnati have revealed plans to allow drivers of all-electric vehicles to park for free -- a program that will benefit at least eight locals.

The parking program, part of the Green Cincinnati Initiative, began Monday and will allow electric vehicles displaying city-issued stickers to park without charge next to city parking meters and in four downtown parking garages, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

City officials said an informal survey of residents found eight all-electric vehicles in the city. There may be a few unknown others tooling around town, as well.

Councilman David Crowley, who spearheaded the effort to adopt the program, said it sends an important message.

It's all about the symbolism at this point, Crowley said. This is a concrete step of some economic value to people willing to invest in all-electric vehicles or who drive them. It puts us in a leadership role.