June 2, 2009

Texas Clydesdale may be tallest horse

A Texas woman said she believes her Clydesdale horse, Remington, has a shot at setting the Guinness World Record for the tallest living horse.

Cheryl Davis, of Princeton, said she believes the horse is larger than the current record -- 6 feet-7 1/2 inches from hoof to the top of the shoulder -- despite the fact that he has never held still for long enough to be measured, The Dallas Morning News reported Tuesday.

Davis, who estimated Remington's height as 6 feet, 8 inches from hoof to shoulder, said the horse will be officially measured Friday and Saturday at the Lake Country Animal Hospital with photos, videos and witness statements being collected for Guinness consideration.

Davis said there are probably horses in the world taller than Remington, but many people do not bother with the plethora of paperwork and other requirements insisted on by Guinness.

If it lasts 10 minutes or 10 days, it will just be something happy to show, Davis said. He draws a crowd wherever he goes.