June 2, 2009

Range Rover outside dealership lists flaws

A Range Rover owner dissatisfied with his $83,000 vehicle parked it outside of an English dealership with signs touting its flaws.

The driver parked the 2007 Range Rover Sport HSE outside the Lookers Land Rover showroom in Colchester with signs in its windows reading: Problems with ... 6 front ball joints, 4 front arm bushes, new seat base, front and rear n/s struts, full n/s suspension unit, anti-roll bar bushes, air con, the Daily Mail reported Tuesday.

Showroom staff said they have no legal right to move the vehicle because it is parked on a public road outside of the dealership.

Land Rover operates a comprehensive warranty program with, where appropriate, a strong goodwill policy, said Mark Foster, Jaguar Land Rover's corporate communications manager. All necessary repairs to this vehicle over 42,000 miles have been carried out under warranty. However, we are disappointed this customer's ownership experience has been unfortunate and as such we have made a goodwill offer towards helping him into a new vehicle.